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Hippocratic Oath

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Mystique, Dec 19, 2001.

  1. Mystique

    Mystique The Procrastinator 7+ Year Member

    Jul 6, 2001

    I SWEAR by Apollo the physician and AEsculapius, and Health, and All-heal, and all the gods and
    goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation -- to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgement, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life
    and practice my Art. I will not cut persons labouring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this
    work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further, from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional service, or not in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men,
    in all times. But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot.

    Sorry, for posting it in its entirety, but I didn't want to be accused of taking it out of context.

    Is there a more modern version out there?
    ..."I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion..." I'm not trying to start a controversial thread or argue for one side or the other. I'm just curious if this line is still a part of the Oath that doctors take today.
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  3. YBee

    YBee Member 7+ Year Member

    Dec 6, 2001
    well - it also says that children of doctors should go to medical school for free. Too bad it's not literal w/respect to that item :)

    I don't know what the oath is that is said today. Where did you get this version?
  4. Weeble

    Weeble Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Nov 2, 2001
    I'm not sure where you can find the modern version, but that line is definitely no longer in the Oath doctors recite today.
  5. It varies from school to school . . . some don't even say it at all.
  6. aspirant

    aspirant Member 7+ Year Member

    Aug 6, 2001
    Here's the modern version used in many medical schools. It's not quite as cool (no swearing to Apollo or anything neat like that) but doesn't include anything about abortion, which is great for people on both sides of the fence. (At least those tolerant enough to be good physicians.)


    Stolen from:
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

    I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

    I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

    I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.

    I will not be ashamed to say "I know not," nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery.

    I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

    I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

    I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

    I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

    If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.
  7. Mystique

    Mystique The Procrastinator 7+ Year Member

    Jul 6, 2001
  8. Jamier2

    Jamier2 SDN Hillbilly Moderator Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Mar 22, 2001
    I got this version from the AMA website about a year ago:

    You do solemnly swear, each by whatever he or she holds most sacred

    That you will be loyal to the Profession of Medicine and just and generous to its members

    That you will lead your lives and practice your art in uprightness and honor

    That into whatsoever house you shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of your power, your holding yourselves far aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice

    That you will exercise your art solely for the cure of your patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation, for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it

    That whatsoever you shall see or hear of the lives of men or women which is not fitting to be spoken, you will keep inviolably secret

    These things do you swear. Let each bow the head in sign of acquiescence

    And now, if you will be true to this, your oath, may prosperity and good repute be ever yours; the opposite, if you shall prove yourselves forsworn.
  9. eagle26

    eagle26 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Tolerant enough to become good physicians? Tolerance for what? What exactly do you mean by this...??
  10. THE instiGATOR

    THE instiGATOR Cow Tipper 7+ Year Member

    Sep 27, 2001
    aspirant: Tolerance with respect to what? I can be tolerant of the actions of those who have aborted in a clinical setting, but do not have to be supportive or tolerant in my personal life.

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