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homework in med school?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by Dr'04, Apr 27, 2000.

  1. Dr'04

    Dr'04 Member
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    Feb 16, 2000
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    From what I gather, in most med schools you have class/lab/discussion from 8-5 mon-fri, after which people tend to study ~5 hrs on weeknights and 10-12 hrs on the weekends.

    What exactly are these "study hours" composed of? Do you ever write lab reports? Problem sets? Or do you just spend all of that time going over the vast amount of material they give you?
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  3. Besyonek

    Besyonek Senior Member
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    Feb 13, 2000
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    The studying involves mostly reading (at my school anyway). We've also had short reports/writing assignments for non-basic-sciences classes (ethics, medical skills, researching medical literature, statistics) and random essays here and there. None of these are overly difficult; they're not term papers or anything like that, just time-consuming. Overall, the work every day requires sitting and reading a LOT of pages.

  4. I study a lot of different ways. I try to change it up every few weeks to keep my sanity. Here are some of the things I do:

    read & highlight (the more colors the better)
    make flow chart type diagrams
    make posters
    type outlines using Word
    make notecards (large & small notecards)
    use some interactive software like the Netter anatomy CD and wepath CD

    Draw funny pictures ("Ridiculously simple" style)-this was especially helpful in microbiology

    I use most of these methods about equally. I hope some of these ideas help!
  5. Djanaba

    Djanaba Senior Member
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    May 4, 2000
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    Omigod. I do nowhere near that much work.

    I am in class from 8-2 at least, and often until 5. Most days I am doing 2 days of work, at most, afterwards, with 6 or 7 hours outside of class friday night-sunday night. I am passing all my classes (some of my classmates aren't). I am not at the top of my class, but as our class motto goes, "S=MD." (If you pass, you pass. All that you need.)

    I know my school isn't the cream of the crop, but we're not cranking out half-assed docs, either. You CAN study less and live more. It's a matter of priorities - the things you are motivated to do are what you can do. For me this includes a yoga class on Mondays, joining the symphony chorus for a few months a year, and going out once a week. I feel I'm a more well-rounded human being for it -- something I value in my doctors. It doesn't need to be so intense and negative.

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