Apr 4, 2014
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Hi everybody, December 2014 grad here applying for 2015 cycle.

Currently, I have my apps done, GRE taken (149,148,4.5), two really great letters, and two probably average letters. My prereq grades are all A's and B's except for one C in biology.

My overall GPA is sitting around 3.35ish and my pre-req GPA will sit at about 3.1 if I keep my C in biology.

I do have some other qualities though. 4 year student athlete at a big University, around 200 hours in 3 different setting, and coaching experience.

Do you guys think not retaking biology and leaving it as a C will impact me too much?



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Apr 22, 2013
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How much will retaking bio raise your pre-req GPA? Getting it above a 3.5 will make you a much stronger applicant, but I don't know if one class is going to be enough to do that. Depends how many of all those A's and B's are A's and how many are B's.

Also, your writing GRE score is pretty much good to go, but your verbal and quant score are poor. You will be restrictedprimarily to schools that don't have a GRE minimumj or don't look at GRE scores at all. There are quite a few of these but even so, as much as it sucks you should probably consider retaking.
Jun 17, 2014
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Make sure to check out the acceptances sticky and keep an eye out for applicants with similar stats to see what your chances are.

Realistically, your GRE scores are below average and will limit you. And your pre-req GPA could be raised by retaking classes and getting an A in bio.

Don't expect your low GPA to be overlooked because you were an athlete. I have several friends who made this mistake and ended up not getting in to any DPT programs. Yes, admissions committees like to see a well rounded applicant that was involved in extracurriculars, but your grades should not suffer due to your involvement in other activities.

Bottom line: either look for schools with lower standards, or retake the GRE and get at least 150/150/4.0, as well as retake classes to raise your GPA.

Where are you in the application process? Are you applying this cycle? If not, then you still have time to work on your grades.


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Aug 6, 2014
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I have to agree with the advice given above. You need to retake the GRE and get a 300 if you want a shot at the schools that value GRE scores. I doubt schools will look past your grades due to being a college athlete. I know a couple basketball players at my school in a similar position to yourself and they have had a hard time. That's ultimately a choice you make, it shouldn't be something that allows you to downplay poor marks. Likewise, "non-traditional" applicants deal with the backlash of their past misgivings. Alternatively, you could target schools that do not use the GRE!

My advice: give yourself a 4 week study plan of at least two hours a day and retake the GRE. You might be surprise yourself. Typically, these scores are due to a lack of dedication and preparation. Despite what many naysayers think about the ability of the test to predict graduate school success, the test does measure your ability to buckle down and prepare for something you might not be too fond of. Also, I would retake the Biology class. The rest of your application looks competitive!
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