MD Honoring OBGYN shelf :Uwise vs amboss

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Jun 13, 2017
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For anyone who did very well on this shelf, in addition to uworld and nbme exams, which question bank should I do if I wanted to do more questions?

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Personally, i did well on this shelf with only NBME and UW. I'm not sure how long your rotation is but mine was only 4wks and I felt that those resources were adequate.
from my classmates, some really felt the APGO/Uwise stuff was decent as well for this shelf.

My experience with amboss, is their questions are unreasonably difficult and reflective of the actual shelf. I literally only do those if I REALLY want some extra Qs to go over.
Granted this was 5 years ago, but I mostly did UWise with UWorld on the side. Honored the shelf only doing that.
The OBGYN shelf is pretty doable. Along with psych and maybe neuro, it's one of the few specialties where you can actually have a pretty decent handle on all the material tested on the shelf by the end of a clerkship. On medicine, surgery, peds, FM, and EM, you rely pretty heavily on connecting the dots based on basic principles and getting questions based on randomly remembering some detail from either the wards or a single question you did (maybe even as far back as M2/step 1 stuff). On OBGYN you can legitimately go through all major concepts 2-3 times prior to the shelf.

IMO, UWise was worthwhile. I didn't do the whole thing, but being split into topics was super helpful as that's just far more effective teaching for building a framework of understanding compared to randomly doing UWorld blocks. It's also fast. The explanations are concise and you can easily burn through 100+ questions on a day off. I did UWorld and about 1/2 of UWise and make ankis from incorrects or from concepts I didn't know as I was reading the question. I also did the Emma Holiday and Divine reviews the day before, which definitely got me 3-4 questions I otherwise wouldn't have on test day. Scored ~95th percentile.
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