Hospital Pharmacy Rotation Book

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Nov 3, 2007
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I don't like Dipiro and it seems like many things are glossed over while other things are in high levels of unnecessary detail. The medical students have Step Up Medicine for their internal medicine rotations. What can pharmacy students have? What source out there talks about the basics of hospital medicine, to the point of reproducing those skills in rotation, TPNs, anti-coagulation, acute coronary syndromes, etc.


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Aug 12, 2015
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While I don't have a book (yet - I am working on it!), I do have a few podcast episodes that might help you. I focus mostly on the critical care pharmacy aspect of hospital medicine, but some things translate to a more general approach.

Verbal communication tips for hospital pharmacists
Making patient focused risk:benefit assessments
How to evaluate QTc interactions - this is different in the hospital because you can order EKGs and increased monitoring.
How to write a pharmacy progress note
Pain management tips for hospital pharmacists
Treatment of severe hyperkalemia
Initial treatment of sepsis and septic shock
Treatment of inpatient hypoglycemia
Why you can't use cockcroft-gault to calculate creatinine clearance
DKA and HHS treatment
Correlating mechanism of action to pathophysiology of disease
Phenytoin adjustment and monitoring

If you have trouble picking a journal club article while on rotation, check out any odd numbered episode from 27 or higher & you will find a recent, relevant article.

Good luck in your rotations!

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