Hospital volunteer opportunities

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Nov 29, 2019
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Hello all,

Ive recently applied at the two local hospital here to be a volunteer.

At hospital 1: Cardiac Surgery Waiting, Outpatient Surgery Waiting. Were my top two choices.

At Hospital 2: There werent specific areas to select as volunteer areas, but rather types of contact youd like, I selected patient contact, comferting/reassuring patients, and process involvement/Analysis.

Ideally, Id like to volunteer in Ed/Er. But neither of those are options (at least on the selection lists).

So for those of you that have gotten experience in Ed/Er as a volunteer, was it directly listed on the application or did you tell the volunteer coordinator that you were interested in pursuing higher education in medicine and would like a more practical volunteer opportunity?
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Jul 14, 2005
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Your hospital #2 would be better. While surgery waiting rooms might be interesting(glamorous?)you won’t have direct patient contact. You need direct patient contact. I have no idea what process involvement/analysis is but it doesn’t sound like direct patient contact. Your clinical experience doesn’t have to be volunteer. You can get a job in a hospital or if you can volunteer at a hospice or a clinic .