Housing in Professional School

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Apr 16, 2020
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Hello, I wanted to ask those who are in dental school already about what do you guys do for housing? Do you all stay on campus, have your own place/roommates, do you pay for it with your school loans, and etc? I'm a senior looking to go to dental school but I was just curious about this part. I live on campus now in undergrad, which is closer to the dental school I want to attend anyway and do not live at home with my family because I have very little financial/emotional support but I am afraid my circumstances will be even harder once I get to dental school.

So if there is anyone who has similar circumstances to mine and could tell me what they did, I'd appreciate it.

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I live at my parents house rent-free an hour and a half away from campus. I commute 3 hours per day, but it has saved me a ton of money. I'm 4 months away from graduation and so happy that I did it.
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You'll see all of the above options. Some live on campus, some rent off campus, some solo, some have roommates, some buy, some live with parents/family.

Paying for your housing is included as a portion of your student loans if you choose to go that route. Everyone pays for their housing in different ways too... loans, scholarships, spouse, parents.

It just depends on your situation and what you choose to do.
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