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how are these programs for OB?

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by wonderer, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. wonderer

    Dec 7, 2008
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    Medical Student
    Hi all,

    I want to practice rurally and include significant OB in my practice, including the ability to do a C/S if needed.

    I am considering doing an OB fellowship, but would also like to attend a FM residency with a strong OB component.

    Can anyone reflect on the strength (and non-malignancy) of OB at these places:

    UC Irvine
    Kaiser Woodland Hills
    Harbor UCLA
    Kaiser Sunset
    Valley FM (in Renton, Washington, outside Seattle)
    Long Beach Memorial
    Glendale Adventist
    White Memorial
    San Jose O'Connor

    Thank you!
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  3. LuckyBambooGirl

    LuckyBambooGirl Junior Member
    5+ Year Member

    Apr 2, 2006
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    Sorry, but I am not familiar with any of the programs you listed.Why don't you go to the websites for those programs, find contact information and email some of the residents? That seems like the most efficient way to get that information.
  4. Old_Mil

    Old_Mil Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 19, 2004
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    Attending Physician
    Seems to me like the opportunity to get as much of the dismal science exists just about everywhere if you want it. The real finds are FM programs with enough flexibility in their curriculum to let you get your 40+10 and escape if that is your wish.

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