Mar 23, 2021
Hi all! My wife is a PGY2 FM resident at a rural program, but has completely gotten the shaft with her OB rotations. 2 have been canceled outright because of COVID and away rotation complications, and 1 was at a site where the attending wouldn’t let her do anything. She is probably just going to hit 40 deliveries, but won’t have much of anything to show for more advanced OB things, despite making her best effort. Her program has had good OB numbers in the past, but with COVID and the program not being particularly flexible, she’s feeling really down about her chances of getting into an FM OB fellowship. She’ll be a chief resident next year, she’ll have great references, and she has “demonstrated interest” in the form of a . Realistically, How competitive are these fellowships and does she stand a chance of getting into one despite her low numbers?


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Jul 25, 2008
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Yes. The point of fellowship is to train/learn. It’s not expected that you’d have 100s of deliveries to get accepted.
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