how come a lot of the stuff tested in UW isn't in the review books?

Discussion in 'Step II' started by Dr McSteamy, May 31, 2008.

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    When i look at the explanation for questions i got wrong, I go back and try to look them up in some books, kaplan, etc,.... and they're not even discussed!


    do you guys feel the same way? UW is like new material to me.
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    That is certainly true. But I found that there were items on the Step 2CK exam that were directly off of UW. I found the combination of a review book and UW covered all practical bases.

    I would do UW questions, and while reviewing the answers I would make notes in my review book on stuff that was covered by UW but not the book. When finished, it left with me a fairly complete text of knowledge for the test.

    For the record I used USMLE Secrets, and found it very informative and readable.

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