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how did usimg do in the match


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 19, 2003
  1. Attending Physician
do you have a specific question? I will give you generalities: I went to a caribbean school. MED School GPA 3.8. STEP 1 and 2 in the 90's. Matched Anesthesiology at my 3rd choice. Very happy. PD is squared away and has a well structured program.
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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 7, 2003
Buffalo, NY
Step 1 = 214/87. Although this is a decent score I think it was below the cutoff for many programs. I think a lot of programs cut off at 215-220.

I applied to 31 programs and I only received 6 interview invites (at lower tier programs) despite an overall good application with good LOR's (no anesthesia letters at time of application).

I only applied to programs in mid sized cities beause I have a family, (no NYC, Philly, Chicago) so it limited my choices somewhat.

I got my step 2 (235/95) back the first week of November but by then I think many programs had decided who they planned to interview already.

I think for anesthesia it is more important to have a good step 1 than it is to have a good step 2, because programs seem to decide early on interviews and who they select.
The medicine programs prefer a good step 2 because it is probably a better reflection of how good a doctor you will be because it requires more of a thought process than step 1. (Mostly regurgitation of minutiae)

Despite very few interviews I still matched at my first choice, and equally as important I got a medicine prelim program which I am told was quite competitive!

To sum up, do very well on Step 1 (>220) and it will open more doors or take step 2 (and do well) and have the scores back before you submit your application. Also get an anesthesia letter early.

Good Luck. PM me if you have any more questions or email at [email protected].
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