how did you do on step 1?

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Nov 16, 2002
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this poll was up last year - i thought it might be interesting

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another satisfied customer of independent study:

School: USC Keck SOM; averaged maybe 2 hours of lecture attendence/month over past 2 years...i stopped coming to lecture in Nov of last year because our "new curriculum" was blowing goats...but they say it's better than the old curriculum (scary thought)

Review books:
memorized - First Aid
knew well - BRS Path, BRS Physio, Clinical Micro Made Ridiculously Simple
Browsed - HY Neuro, HY Gross, HY Behavioral, HY Pharm, HY Biochem, HY Embryo, Pharm Cards (40 of them, random)

all of Qbank: 50s at first, mid 60-70s near the end

Kaplan in-center exam: 78%

MCAT correlation: 34 (9V-13P-12B)

Score: 243/98, much better than i had hoped for
congrats doc7... my approach was very similar to doc7's.......I would definitely recommend that approach for usmle......comlex was a crap shoot.......
Bump. One of my favorite posts from last year
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a quick bump for all you schmos out there who are getting their scores back
This was a really great thread to read. It makes you think that SDNers for some reason seem to be people that are ahead of the curve on average. I was really impressed with posts from people like Theodore who said they did not honestly care what their USMLE score was and they were proud to have passed. I do believe I will have done reasonably well if not quite well when the envelope is opened, and I hope to represent my fellow DO's well. But, should I do poorly for some reason, and still pass, I will still gladly post my score if it might help others in the future to benefit from my experience. I am most interested in passing and I would think anyone should be proud to have passed. Don't be afraid to say you got a 187 if that is what you got. YOU PASSED, and that is in the top percentile of not only people but of physicians in the world!!