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Nov 4, 2008
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I am an RN, out of school less than a year. 22 years old, married, with no kids, but would like to have them in a few years. Trying to decide between MD or NP. I don't have pre-reqs done yet. Can you compare being in medical school with husband/kids to that of a regular full time job? Besides MSIII, is it that much more of a challenge? (I'm NEVER going to be the SAHM type). Also, what does this call schedule look like for a psych residency? Seems pretty benign to me- and some of the residents have said they get out about 6 or 7 most days. To me, that doesn't seem that much different than my life would be as an NP.

During the first two years at WPIC, there are two basic types of call that occur. One is known as DEC (diagnostic emergency center) call, and the other is known as floor call. The DEC call occurs in our free-standing psychiatric emergency facility. Overnight and during weekends, first and second year residents see and evaluate patients in the DEC during call. Second year residents take call in the DEC about every two weeks. First year residents take call on a rotating night-float system during their 3 month emergency psychiatry rotation (5 nights in a row, every few weeks).

Inpatient psychiatric and medical issues in the psychiatric hospital are covered overnight by the floor call resident. Second year residents have floor call, on average, about every two weeks. First year residents have floor call, on average, about every one week during their psychiatry rotations outside the emergency psychiatry service.

During their Consult and Liaison (C/L) Psychiatry rotation, second year residents rotate duties for C&L phone call over the weekends. During the C&L rotation, they are excused from floor and DEC call. During a rotation at the Magee Hospital (for OB/Gyn outpatient psychiatry), third year residents rotate phone call for the Magee C&L service on a weekly basis (available by phone about every 5-6 weeks). Other than this, third year and fourth year residents are free from call.

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Dec 18, 2007
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I would suggest posting this in the allopathic forum. As much as us lowly premeds can speculate and tell you that it is more difficult than a full time job, it might have more meaning coming from people that are speaking from experience.
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As I walk home in the darkness from a 36 hour shift on a call night without sleep only to rinse and repeat day after day with nary a day off for two weeks, I can only (and do) daydream about the prospect of one day leading a normal life with a full time job.


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Sep 4, 2006
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I'm an RN that is currently pre-med. Medical route=less time at home by far. NP school can be done part time. I haven't found a part time medical school/residency yet and for good reason. I'd like to start practicing before I hit retirement age. :cool: Also NP=no residency, maybe a small internship depending on state regs.
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