Just under full time student status

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May 17, 2023
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I just realized that my junior spring semester was part time (11 credits total, I needed 1 more credit to be considered full time), does this look significantly bad? Course load was Organic chem 2 with lab, honors pathology, a science elective, and my PE requirement. I have a 4.0 average, including this semester. I took multiple APs in high school, which is why I have leniency, and this was my first time being part time.

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Nothing you can do about it now. So stop worrying. Lots of people have AP credits and still take “full loads”. Just be careful in your next two semesters.
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Yeah I’m definitely going to be full time for my last two semesters. Is this a significant red flag that I will probably be questioned over?
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It would affect your financial aid more than an admissions file review as far as I know.
The academic scholarship I have thankfully does not depend on my hours enrolled, which is great. It was honestly more of an oversight in terms of medical applications
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