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Medical How do I ask for CTE deadline extension?

Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
I'm currently accepted at a school whose CTE date is soon. I am also on a WL at my top choice and would prefer to extend the CTE deadline in the off chance I get off the WL. I was wondering how I'd go about addressing this issue to the school that has accepted me. Thank you in advance
I don't think you can negotiate this with the school; wouldn't they have a right to rescind your offer if you don't choose to commit? Read up on the applicant policies on CTE and withdrawing once you get off a waitlist at your desired school.
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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
  1. Non-Student
I've read the school policy and it allows for extension depending on the circumstance. I'm grateful for the acceptance and wouldn't want to offend the school in any way which is why I wanted help in properly framing the request.
Somehow, I don't that that circumstances that they will allow for an extension are the ones that you to explain to them.
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