General How do I do more with my art hobby?

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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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Hey guys, thanks in advance for the help!

something that I have been really passionate about and have been really practicing throughout college is Art and design. However, it has been more of a hobby and something I keep to myself (posting on Instagram and such). How do I do more with it? Do you know of any opportunities for college students to use their art in a positive way or have examples of students who have done so?
Medical illustration?
If It's just a hobby, that's fine. Hobbies show that you are a human being
Oct 14, 2011
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@Goro If I include a website link to my art portfolio in the activities section of my primary app, would they visit it?
I'm afraid not. I'd save the opportunity for a possible "anything else you want the committee to know about you" secondary prompt. If you were a dental school applicant, there would be more receptiveness to that effect but still not in the primary application.
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