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Mar 21, 2016
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Background: Started studying for MCAT on the 10th of June and my MCAT is on the 10th of September

Full Lengths I have taken:

TBR FL 2 (58%)
TBR FL 1 (60%)
TBR FL 3 (61%)

EK FL 1 (50%)
EK FL 2 (54%)
EK FL 3 (57%)

My problem is that I make so many careless errors! I sometimes start laughing at myself when I am correcting the Full Lengths the next day.

I just corrected EK FL 3 and I heard that getting a 60% or higher is ideal for EK tests. However, I felt short with a 57%. However, when I went back to correct the test, once I accounted for all the careless errors (questions that I knew the answer to before even looking at the solution because I KNEW THEM), I got a 63%, which I heard is not bad for EK.

HOW DO I STOP?! Some of the dumb errors I made include knowing that Nitrogen in Uric Acid is SP2, but for some dumb reason I put SP. Another example, I failed to realize that "more reluctant" was more unwilling, and just various other careless errors! It is so frustrating!

Luckily, I still have these things to complete:

AAMC FL Ungraded
AAMC FL Scored
Aug 22, 2016
The best way to stop is to stop telling yourself you "knew" the answer. You'll start improving because you won't have that excuse of chalking up misses as careless mistakes.