Mar 14, 2010
Hey guys I'm sorry if this question has been answered before I did a quick search and didn't really come up with anything. I was wondering how to letter of recommendations work? I am currently a freshman attending George Mason University and was wondering am I able to get a letter of recommendation at any time during my undergraduate career, or do I have to wait for the year I am applying to med school for any letter of recommendations.
And when they do write one do they send it off to the pre med committee or do they give it to me for me to take to the committee or interfolio or w/e. I know in high school I would let my teacher know and they would just send it directly to the schools that I was applying for. Thanks for your help


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Jun 2, 2009
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Plenty of people on SDN are probably annoyed with your lack of enthusiasm in searching this matter because it is addressed all over, but I feel bad and Ill help you out.

1. Recent rec letters are better, so your too early to start doing stuff. But yes anytime is fine as long as its not waayy early, like 5 years. Most people probably get them a few months before they are applying.

2. Your question about committees depends on your school. Lots of schools have committees which collect all your rec letters and then send them to interfolio. Some schools dont, so in that case each writer will send their letter to interfolio and then you send it to AMCAS (med school app). Ask you pre-med advisor about this. Its def not as annoying as applying to college is (a million rec letters going to a bunch of places, its much more standardized)

3. Right now I'd say don't worry about Rec letters, get to know your teachers, and whoever you work with. In a few years youll approach them for letters. For now enjoy college.

Hope this helps.