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Jan 25, 2002
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I am a second year at UHS, and I was just curious if I could get some feedback from some fellow SDNers from other DO schools.

I was just curious about the format and style of education at your schools. If you dont know, we have a systems-based curriculum, which is awesome by the way. Everything usually goes together quite nicely, for the most part. We had OPP lab once a week, and depending on the section, anatomy lab once to twice a week, and also Clinical Medicine lab usually once a week.

Currently, we are in the Integrative Section, which is strictly pass/fail. We have mostly outside lecturers come in and give us two years worth of medical school in three weeks. This week is Pharm and Anatomy. Next week is predominantly physiology and micro. The third and final week we have path and OPP/OMM/OMT whatever you flavor. We have instructors like Dr. Simmons for OPP, Dr. Damjanov for pathology, etc.

As we are finishing out our second year, I would just like some ideas about what goes on at other medical schools.

Thanks for your time

Chris Morrissey MSII
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