How do you make yourself a better candidate for post bac programs?

Aug 15, 2014
Hello. I am applying to a post bac program offered by my near by university. They will accept you into medical school if you maintain a 3.0 gpa in their program. There is only 10 seats.
Program Admission Criteria
Basic Eligibility Criteria
Consideration will be given to applicants who among other things:
  • Are Residents
  • Have faced socioeconomic disadvantages, are first generation college attendees, grew up in either a rural or US/Mexico border region, OR are enrolled members in federally recognized American Indian tribes
  • Demonstrate principles of cultural competence in healthcare
  • Demonstrate attributes such as altruism and social accountability
  • Are fluent in English and conversant in languages commonly spoken in Arizona (i.e., Spanish, Navajo)
I feel I demonstrate all but the second bullet point. I have faced socioeconomic disadvantages, but not my whole life. Should I still apply? Or should I look into another program? How do I make myself more competitive for post bac programs in general? I am confused because some programs are there to help boost gpa's or MCAT scores. How do you make yourself stand out when you kind of don't?