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Jun 28, 2006
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i used all of these materials and got 20 AA, 21TS, 20PAT.
24bio, 20gc, 20oc, 19rc, 19qr.
if anyone is looking for all of the DAT study material, i.e every single kaplan subject test (tons of them!), notecards (amazing review), the cd with full length and integration workshops, the review whitebook, DAT acheiver questions, enormous mcat kaplan book with alot more detail, mcat tests and questions/answers, barrons book, or the campbell bio...etc. please pm me and let me know..for cheap. :)
i only studied for a couple months with all of this stuff but if i had more time, probably would of killed it even more!
i thought kaplan was very good, but the campbells and mcat stuf went into so much greater detail, it was so nice to see on the test!
achiever was the best, and questions were on it as well! sea urchin, cheetah. notecards were awesome for ochem! and bio.
but if you only have kaplan, then it is good enough! i think.
let me know. :)
thank you all for past help.
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