How does AP credit work with the pre-med school requirements?

Apr 1, 2020
I am a high school senior getting ready to choose my school and head out into the world of pre-med college. However, I had a- probably stupid- question about how AP credit will fit into my pre-med curriculum. I understand that there are basic courses such as General Chem and Bio that I will be required to take by the AAMC as pre-requisites for applying for med school. However, will I still be required to take courses such as Calc I+II or my gen ed English courses that I have AP credit for? Or will I have to retake those courses as well?
Here's a list of my AP Courses that I have credit for so far/plan to take the aptest for:
AP Human Geo
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Calc BC
AP English Language and Composition
AP Statistics
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Macroeconomics/Microeconomics
AP Physics C: Mechanics + E/M
AP Psychology


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Mar 25, 2017
Where ever you go to premed school, they will either award you credits for equivalent classes at the college level, or they will use the AP classes as a judgement for where to place you in classes freshmen year. It depends on the college. With all the AP credits you have, I recommend finding a college that awards credit for most if not all of those classes. It will help you get ahead and the classes may be prerequisites for med school.
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