How does FAP determine eligibility?

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May 26, 2012
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So in the past I've had zero luck with getting financial aid thanks to my dad's ridiculously high income which, as luck would have it, existed only on paper. In real life he's been constantly living on the edge of bankruptcy thanks to a series of unfortunate events, circumstances, and choices. On top of that, I haven't even lived with the guy since I was 6; my parents divorced nearly 20 years ago. Financial aid services never seemed to take that into account though and simply saw his 7 figure income and, I imagine, immediately threw my application in the trash. Hence why I now have $40k in student loans, much of which is at an interest rate close to 12%.

Normally I wouldn't have bothered trying to apply for FAP considering my past experiences with financial aid success but circumstances have changed. My dad is currently unemployed, so no more 7 figure income. On top of that, he'll be declaring bankruptcy soon. The rest of my family's finances are easily within that 300% of poverty threshold; my mom works a part time job that pays an hourly rate slightly higher than minimum wage, and I make $26k a year. So now I'm thinking that if FAP only looks at current finances that I'll qualify for it which would be a massive boost to me since app season is going to hit my finances like a freight train.

So my question is: Do I stand a chance of getting FAP, or does the program look at multiple years of financial history and only consider income without considering context?

Also, I actually already tried starting the FAP application, and I was surprised to see that it only asks about one parent, but I haven't gotten all the way through it yet since I don't have access to tax info right now. Does it ever ask about a second parent?


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Oct 31, 2006
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Are you talking about the AAMC financial assistance program? If so, have you read all the info on their website? I'm seeing answers to your questions there.