How does the 2015 AACOMAS Application Update process work?


May 25, 2015
Los Angeles
I apologize if it's been answered elsewhere, but I couldn't find the exact answers.

My application has already been verified, but I plan on adding two additional LORs. After selecting "Update my application," does it send out the updates immediately or does it send updates periodically (e.g. every Tuesday)? And are there supposed to be any notifications for when they do update? I've pressed the button before, and all that has happened was that the bar with the button disappears, so I'm a little worried that it might not have gone through.

Is emailing each school the only way to confirm that they have received the updated material?

Also, for people sending in LORs with their secondaries, do you send in the LORs by updating the AACOMAS Evaluations section or directly to each school?

Thank you!