How essential is an audition rotation for pathology

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Jul 6, 2017
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Sorry If this was asked before but I wasn't able to find anything for my situation. My school is very strict with the start and end date of a rotation being at a set time and all the places that im interested in applying to said they also are strict with this and their times conflict with my schools times. However, my core site which doesn't have a path residency is able to accomidate my school times. Can I still be competitive for pathology residency even without doing an audition/away rotation? Im sorry I asked this in the general forum also but I wasn't sure how to move it here so I reposted it. TIA

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Away/audition rotations can potentially help or hurt you. It's hard to fake enthusiasm for a full 4-6 weeks, and a single negative opinion can absolutely sink your application. But all programs will give more consideration to candidates that they know through first-hand experience.

If you're looking at top tier (and why wouldn't you), then I'd personally schedule a home rotation in July followed by my top choice in August. Work hard. It's honestly not that difficult to impress pathology departments if you're actually intelligent/hard working.

But if you're a complete mess professionally, then skip the aways and just hope they don't notice during your interview day.

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If you think it will be a successful endeavor and an “entre’ “ to a residency you should definitely go for it. And if there are time conflicts with the school, it’s time to sit down with the dean and remind him/her that it is YOUR education and you are paying for it. Amazing how amenable some of these folks are when you can deal with them as adult to adult with any facade removed, and you are the paying customer.
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