How competitive are Canadian pathology fellowship programs?

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Sep 21, 2023
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For reference, I'm a Canadian who has completed medical school here and currently in a Canadian AP program.

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Overall, not competitive. But the big question is which area and which school? Geography might be the biggest limiting factor. Say you really need to stay downtown TO, then you'll have to work harder to secure something at TGH or St Mikes.
I find CMGs mostly go to US for big name fellowship and rarely stick around in Canada.
I think it will be more difficult to find a pathology fellowship in Canada than in the United States because there isn't as much funding in Canada for fellowships.

For example: Pathology Residents - Pathology
Unfortunately, there are no UBC funded fellowships in Pathology. However, fellowships funded by a specific hospital site are sometimes
available. These include cytopathology at the BC Cancer Agency, general surgical pathology through Royal Columbian Hospital, and possibly GI pathology through Vancouver General Hospital. Enrollment in such a fellowship is at the discretion of the individual preceptor. Fellowships funded through external agencies (eg. IMG residents wishing to complete additional training in a specific area or CMG residents funded by an agency to complete additional training in a specific area) are sometimes available at the discretion of the individual preceptor. In the past, such fellowships have been completed in Bone & Soft Tissue, Head & Neck, Breast, Gynecologic, Gastrointestinal & Hematopathology. Although we do provide certificates of completion, fellowships are not credentialed by the Royal College.

Even if you prefer to stay in Canada, you should also apply in the United States. Also, if you do not secure a fellowship years in advance, do not worry; last minute openings for American fellowships are abundant on the pathology outlines website.