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How good are your chances of getting in after getting an interview?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by UCSBPre-Med, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Hey guys. I have an interview at my top choice school of UC Davis.

    I was wondering, how good are your chances of getting in after you've been interviewed? I am one of the first people to be interviewed there (December 3rd) but not the first.

    I really wanna go there! What are the normal percentages of your chances after an interview?
  2. OP


    Applied Interviewed Accepted Enrolled
    Total: 3,731 425 203 93
    In state: 3,169 420 198 92
    Out of state: 562 5 5 1

    I wanted to apply there, but by the time I got around to it, their deadline passed, stupid me. But congrats on the interview. So you have a roughly 50% chance, if you are instate.

  3. OP

    Yes I am in-state.

    I can't believe my odds! I can't wait!
  4. pocwana

    pocwana MD/MBA candidate c/o 2008
    7+ Year Member

    May 11, 2002
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    Medical Student
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