How Hard Is It To Open Up Your Own Private Practice In Pathology?

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Apr 22, 2004
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Any takers? I envision myself in private practice in the future. I was wondering how hard is it to open a private practice and maintain the inflow of specimens into a private practice? Do you need a MBA to do this sort of thing? How difficult is it to own your own path lab?

Seems like everyone on here in is still in residency. If anyone in the real world is reading this, I would like to know how is it out there. Maybe LADoc can chime in? Anyone out there in the real world other than the infamous LADoc?

Take it easy guys...

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Hmmm...I don't know why you'd think this is spam. Just interested in working for myself instead of having to work for someone else. Seems like not many ppl here are in a position to give advice. I guess it's one of those things you have to figure out on your own/learn by experience.

Well, thanks anyways.
I ment my double post was spam. I can't delete it after the system accepts it.
I think you can delete the post. Click on edit and the option should be there. Maybe that is only if you are a donor to the site now though. Things may have changed.

I think if you want to open up your own practice you need to be savvy. You also need to know why you want to open up your own practice, and you have to be prepared to deal with everything that is involved. It is likely that you will work far harder than someone who doesn't do that, and the rewards are likely to be much less and the risk much greater, unless you are thoroughly prepared and have things planned out before you start.