Sep 27, 2020
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Getting ready to apply this cycle, hoping for a reality check

GA resident, non URM, Graduated with 3.0 in fall 2019 as a business major, was roughly consistent over the 4-5 years with a tiny dip in the end before my postbac.

Currently finishing 34 credit DIY post bac at the same school (GPA for this will be 3.88-3.95) which will put me at a 3.25 cGPA and something like a 3.5 sGPA.
The postbac was all science and prerequisites (genetics, physiology, ochem 1+2, ect).

Breakdown was 7 hours in summer, 16 in fall, 11 this spring.

Over the past year, I have gotten 250 hours of clinical volunteering (COVID screening patients at rural FQHC) and I feel like I have some good experiences to write about in my PS from this.

I will have 200 hours of non clinical volunteering (crisis text line) by the time I apply, also have some solid experiences from this.

40 hours shadowing family medicine doctor.

No research- I wish I could have done some over the past year, but I figured more volunteering was more valuable.

So the question I known will need to answer is ‘Why the low GPA?’ I’m sort of a non trad. In my sophomore year I got my real estate license and started selling houses independently full time while I was in school (also mostly full time). I did that for about 3 years until my wife graduated and started her career. A big reason for this was to support us while she was in an unpaid internship/school. I did pretty well and It was quite a learning experience handling someone’s $500,000 asset as a fresh faced 20 year old (I feel like I aged a decade over those 3 years). I also worked with a rural population for a period of time, which has influenced my decision to go into medicine and serve that community. I also have 2 strong LOR’s from colleagues/supervisor from this time.

I don’t have an MCAT score yet, so I know it’s unwise to make a school list, but I plan on applying DO and broadly low-mid tier MD regardless of my score. (I made a 506 on Kaplan diagnostic before any real studying if that means anything). I will probably throw in Emory b/c they seem to have a slight instate bias. My MCAT date is June 19th. I know it’s a bit late but I wanted the most possible time to prep. I will probably submit for verification to a throwaway when AMCAS opens.


What feedback/improvements would you suggest? Application season is quite close, but I might be able to fit in more shadowing if 40 hours is too few.

Are my EC’s and postbac sufficient to apply this cycle?

Will no research hurt my chances significantly? MSAR data suggests that most matriculants have some

Obviously I’ve abbreviated my non trad experience story, but does it generally make sense? Anything I should expand on or clear up? Part of my poor GPA in undergrad was just caring more about my business than school (it was an immature prioritization), but I also feel like that experience is allowing me to do so well in my postbac.

How would I list my work experience in AMCAS? It was about 40-50 hours a week for 3 years. Would I put 6000 hours?

I know it’s sort of a guessing game without the MCAT, but I feel like if I get a 510+ I will be reasonably competitive for DO, and 515+ might give me a narrow shot at MD?
Please let me know If I’m being delusional
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So far everything is going well!

Getting in service to others less fortunate than yourself is always good.

No, you don't need research.

for an MCAT score, MD, shoot for 513+. For your state and the school, shoot for 510 Plus. For do, 505 Plus
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