how important are 2010 fall semester grades? (AADSAS submitted late october)


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Aug 31, 2010
hey guys, just a quick question -

(btw, for those of you hearing back from schools on dec. 1 - good luck! wish i could've submitted mine earlier so i could find out too... haha)

i submitted my app pretty late and i'm just getting my secondaries done, so i haven't interviewed anywhere yet. so i'm wondering how important my grades from fall semester will be...
what if they don't even give me an interview b/c they don't like my fall grades? :-(

my grades this semester aren't gonna be very decent, which is the whole reason why i'm worried. i really wanted to do better, i swear... if you ask me whether or not i tried my hardest, i can for sure say that i did. i didn't goof off or anything. (haha am i trying too hard to justify myself?)
but i did take 18 credits of ALL science classes (none of which are pre-reqs though; they're just what i need to graduate in december)

what do you guys think?
Apr 20, 2009
Depends on how "decent" you're talking about. If you just submitted your stuff then they will definitely take your fall grades into consideration. Since they do look for grade trends, the last 4 semesters will probably be weighted the most.


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Mar 16, 2010
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it will look suspicious if you are planning to hold back an academic update. heck, they might wait UNTIL you academic update since you submitted so late to decide.