How long after you pass the MPJE & NAPLEX did it take for your license to be issued?

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Sep 18, 2014
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My NAPLEX and MPJE been posted on NABP since July 8th. From what I hear, it tends to take a few days for license to be issued. Some people get it issued the next day, at least from what I read on here.

FL BOP has my results as someone from DOH told me this morning. I call these people and email, nobody responds. Whats the normal wait time for other people.

The reason I feel uneasy with them is because for my ATT, they apparently had put my application to the side and nobody even looked at it until I called/emailed/left voicemails and then suddenly my ATT appeared the same day. If I hadn't done that, I may be still waiting for my ATT.

Anyway, whats the deal y'all? I need to work. I'm broke and I need to work.

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