How long did it take to get an interview offer/rejection post-secondary?

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Jul 26, 2002
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Hi guys,
I was wondering how long it took you from the time your application was complete to when you received an interview offer (hopefully) or got rejected. Also, how long did it take the school to notify you if you got in or were rejected post-interview? Thanks in advance...

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my fastest turnaround time was about 2 weeks (after recipt of completed application) w/ georgetown and cwru. i had my first interview at case on 9/26 and they said i should hear back by mid-october. my friend who interviewed at tulane in mid-september is supposed to hear back from them by around october 1.
Thanks robotdancing...

What was the time period in between receiving your interview offer and actually having your interview? I'm trying to discern the earliest possible interview dates I can schedule if offered an interview....

Thanks again.