How long did it take to get verified after red X's?

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Jun 18, 2001
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For those of you who are verified, how long did it take to get verified from when you recieved the red X's?

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Only one day for me :) But I suspect the average is more like a week. I got lucky I guess.
Verified was two weeks for me...processed still hasn't happened, been three weeks now since the X's.
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It depends on a number of factors, especially whether or not they need to make corrections to your coursework when they compare your app to your transcripts. Some people who got the red X's not long after submitting have been waiting a long time for final verification. I think this is because AMCAS has been threatened with legal action for processing apps out of order, so now they're being more careful.
I sent an email to Nancy Tillinghast and receieved an email from her saying I had completed the verification process. But I never saw any red x's nor does a processed date appear. So what's first notification of verificiation, then processing? I also have a change notification button. Thoughts?
I've never heard of this situation. I'd reply to her e-mail and ask how you can be verified without a date processed appearing on the app. Do you have marks (blue slashes and X's) after your coursework?
This is the email I recieved after the red X's, does this mean it has been verified or is it just saying my app. has been submitted?

Dear AMCAS Applicant,

You have successfully submitted and paid for your AMCAS application to
the 2002 entering class. You will be notified once your application is
forwarded to your designated medical schools.

Please note that in order to make changes to your application once it
has been submitted you must re-certify and resubmit your changes to
AMCAS. For additional information about post-submission changes, and
for answers to other frequently asked questions, visit

Thank you for your patience during this new process, and best wishes in
your medical school admissions process. If we can be of any further
assistance, contact us at [email protected] or (202) 828-0600.

If this message is redundant to a notification you have already
received, please disregard this message.

Originally posted by sng33:
•This is the email I recieved after the red X's, does this mean it has been verified or is it just saying my app. has been submitted?

Well, it appears to mean you've just submitted your app. Some people have been getting these e-mails more or less daily ever since they submitted. Others, like me, have received this e-mail only twice -- when they submitted and when they were processed. I'd say it probably means you're processed, but the only way to know for sure that you're processed is to have marks after your coursework (blue slashes and X's) and a date after "Date Processed" in the upper right corner of your app in the "Print Application" screen.