How long does it take to hear about acceptance to schools?

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Nov 7, 2005
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So... I see tons of threads and a lot of people who are still waiting to hear from various schools, and I began thinking... what general timeline can we apply to schools?

What schools tell you that you've been accepted immediately, like 2 weeks after your interview?

What schools tell you have been rejected immediately before an interview or after and interview?

What schools wait for a certain date to tell anyone anything, like rejections, acceptances, and wait lists?

What schools tell you before the New Year?

What schools tell you after the New Year?

What schools just take long in general and have no fixed process?

Yes I know I am an anxious pre-med and willing to literally go anywhere that I am accepted... so bear with me... this way if I don't hear from certain schools when I apply then I can start applying to SMPs and etc.