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how long should i give myself to study?


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Jul 8, 2008
i plan on taking prep class over the course of a semester, but do you think that would be sufficient time? I don't want to take it more than once... For example, should I take the prep class in the fall semester, and self study until the april exam? Or should I just take the spring prep course and take it in april? im not a very good test taker but i am pretty diligent. also, if i take it in the spring, i wouldn't be taking any classes bc i would have graduated, but possibly working in a lab. any suggestions?


Baby Doctor
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Jul 27, 2006
Between "there" and "there"
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Take a practice test. You'll have a much better idea of how much time you need after you have a little practice with the real deal.

Dependent on your scores on that test, you may be ready in March/April, or you may want to wait until a summer date.
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