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Aug 24, 2012
I am taking the MCAT on October 25, so now I am preparing my schedule to see when I will take AAMC Full length practice Exams. I have a total of 13 left to take (Seven R exams, and six CBT exams).

In order to fit all these exams in my schedule, I have it set up so that I am taking two exams per week, except for the week before the mcat (in which I am taking four practice exams) and the week of the MCAT itself (in which I am scheduled to only take AAMC 11 four days before the real thing.

Will only one exam the week of the MCAT be sufficient? I didn't want to overload that week with too much examination.


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Sep 19, 2014
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Absolutely....you are going to wear yourself out! You should have spaced the FLs/practice exams further out. Taking a bunch before the exam isn't going to be as effective, because you're not going to have enough time to correct and review your mistakes. Its too late now though, do the best you can. The week before you should just taper WAY down and relax!!