How Many IM Programs to Interview At?

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Dec 8, 2018
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I have 12 IM residency interview invites thus far. However, it is getting expensive. According to the charting outcomes data (which I have attached), if I just interview and rank 7 programs then I have about a 95% chance of matching according to the chart on page 84. Am I reading that chart correctly? I do plan on ranking 7-8 programs for sure. Would I be safe with just doing those 7-8 interviews?

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I will answer this the same way I always do. Yes, as an AMG, once you get above 8 or so ranks, the probability curve is essentially flat. So your match chances are only vanishingly improved by ranking 12 instead of 8.


How do you know that program #9 or 10 won't turn out to be the perfect place for you? Answer: you don't. By the time I interviewed at the place I ultimately ranked #1, I had already been to 9 other interviews. There was no need, statistically, for me to go on that interview. But I'm glad I did.
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Don’t skimp in the number of never know which place will appeal to you..
ROL you can always leave some places off...
7-8 is probably safe if you make sure to balance your interviews with a few reaches, a few middles, and a few safeties. It might not be safe if you only choose the best, most competitive 7 interviews you get.
But I agree that if you can swing a few more, 10 might give you more options without being too onerous.