How many Q's in each subject


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Jun 29, 2004
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    Guys, I go this from the AAMC site

    Test Section Questions Time
    Tutorial (optional)

    10 minutes

    Physical Sciences
    70 minutes

    Break (optional)

    10 minutes

    Verbal Reasoning
    60 minutes

    Break (optional )

    10 minutes

    Writing Sample
    60 minutes

    Break (optional)

    10 minutes

    Biological Sciences
    70 minutes


    10 minutes

    Total Content Time

    4 hours, 20 minutes

    Total Test Time

    4 hours, 45 minutes

    Total Appointment Time

    5 hours, 20 minutes

    but I need to know how many questions are there in each specific subject(ie. gen chem 30 Qs, physics 25 questins )

    does any body know where to get that info from ?


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      Vish is right. The general trend is:

      Physical sciences:
      Roughly equal amounts of physics and chemistry, although some forms seem to be heavily polarized towards one subject or the other.

      Biological sciences:
      Always much more biology than organic chemistry. Roughly 66% biology, 33% organic chemistry, but again, some forms seem to almost omit organic chemistry completely, but rarely do you see a large amount of organic chemistry on the biological sciences section.

      Good luck :luck:
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      1. Medical Student
        Does anyone know how many wrong answers can one get away with in ach section to obtain a 14 or 15?

        We can't tell you that either because it varies from test form to test form. Some tests require perfection for a 15, some you can get 1-2 wrong. Usually you can only get 1-2 wrong to get a 14-15 but it really is variable.

        My personal method was to just aim at 95% correct on every exam. If you can do that consistently you'll probably end up with a 38-41.


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        Aug 8, 2006
          Just to echo what has been said already, it's going to vary from test to test. I think that the physical science section is somewhat less variable and is usually about 50/50 physics/chemistry, though I'm sure it can swing to 60/40 in either way. Probably not much more than that though.

          Bio on the other hand is much more variably split between organic/bio. My exam had 1 orgo passage and a few discretes which made it about 20/80 organic/bio. There were people who took it my same day and had 2 passages, and I believe people who took it january that had 3, so about 20-40/80-60 split.
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