How much do adcoms look at university/difficulty of degree

Jul 9, 2016
Hey guys - A little background on myself..I am a non traditional applicant that graduated from a top 15 ranked university with a 3.45 science GPA and studied biomedical engineering. I recently took the DAT and got a 22AA, 22TS, 21PAT.

In the four years since I've graduated, I've worked at a large hospital management firm and management consulting firm. Just recently decided to apply to dental school.

Based on my credentials, I think I have a decent shot at my state school. I wanted to ask you guys if its worth it to apply to some of the more elite schools. My application is complete, I would just have to designate those schools. I know my GPA is kind of low, and my DAT is not that high, but I was wondering if adcoms take into consideration the difficulty of the school and major. If not, it would probably be pointless for me to apply to some of the more elite schools.

What do you guys think?


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Jun 21, 2015
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If it's a school like MIT for engineering, I'm sure they would take that into account. Your GPA isn't even that bad though. If by "elite" schools you mean Ivy League, only apply if you'd ultimately be willing to pay $400,000+ to go there. If not, you're wasting application fee money.