How much do independent pharmacist make?

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Dec 11, 2010
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I got an offer from an independent pharmacy to become their pharmacist in charge, but I was wondering how much I should negotiate for.

My friends that work for CVS and Rite Aid get paid around $56-58 per hour in CT. I dont expect to be paid the same amount as the larger chains, but what would be a good amount to negotiate for (per hour)?

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It all depends on the store. We have an independent locally that's been manned by the same PIC for like 60 years. He's looking to retire (at 84!) and doesn't think he'll be able to find anyone to take over the business. He said no new grad wants to walk into management at 65-70K a year.
The independent that I work for twice a month (just so the owner gets some days off) pays me $650 at closing time which is $65 an hour for one day.