USMLE How much inflation in UW percentage subject-wise vs random?


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Jul 27, 2016
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    Hello all,

    I'm currently doing UW subject-wise in conjunction with my first read of FA. Finished the general principles in FA and ~ 19% of UW (biochem, genetics, immuno and micro only so far, will switch to system-wise soon). My cumulative is 78% so far, and while I am happy with it, I know it is inflated quite a bit because I'm not on random.

    Has anyone done their first run through on subjects/systems, and what were your percentages? And generally, what level of performance on NBMEs did it correlate with?

    I realize UW is best used as a learning tool, which is why I'm doing it this way cuz I feel that this works for me. I won't take an online NBME before I finish my first run of FA though, so I would like to get some sort of idea on how I'm doing so far.

    I did take NBME 7 around 2 months ago just for fun, and got 75% correct. Equates to around 200, if the conversion charts are to be believed.

    I have ~10 weeks before my exam and shooting for 250+. FMG, if it matters.

    Thank you.
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