How much weight do secondaries have in the overall process?

Jul 7, 2013
Besides turning them in as early as possible, how much is the content of these essays weighted towards an interview invite?

I turned in my top choices first but as I get better at writing secondaries, I realized that the secondaries I am producing now are a much higher caliber than the ones I sent to my top schools. Theres one essay in particular where they asked why this school and I re read it and I basically said nothing specific about the was pretty generic. I probably could've copied and pasted it to another school and just changed the names thats how generic I feel it is upon reading it over again. I just hope it doesn't wreck my chances for an interview invite :(

Anyways 8 done as of now! Keep it up everyone!!
Dec 1, 2014
New York, New York
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Depends on the school im sure...some want "fit" more than stats. Also you'll probably get more slack if you have good greats <-- also school dependent.