How much will this affect my app to OOS schools?

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Mar 22, 2022
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Looking for perspective and possibly advice here:

I submitted my AMCAS primary app on Friday, and although I thought I had double-checked everything, I discovered yesterday that there was one section that I apparently hadn't updated from last cycle (when I applied at the last second to just 2 schools in my home area). In a "most meaningful experience" box, I had gone well out of my way to emphasize how an experience had led me to want to serve my home community. It's pretty emphatic about this because last year I was only applying within my state, and I wanted to show commitment to my home area after a former career that involved traveling a lot. And while it would still be nice on some levels to serve my home community as a doctor, I wouldn't have emphasized that at all this year if I had caught that, because it's not a defining part of what I want to do as a doctor and I assume it'll make me pretty undesirable to all OOS state schools (and maybe some private schools).

On the plus side:
  • I only designated 1 school on AMCAS so far, and I intend to designate 20 total, so I could still revise my school list in light of this mistake.
  • My PS this year says nothing about serving my home community, and talks a lot about wanting to help reshape the healthcare system, which I intend to apply to MD/JD programs to do (and I chose all the OOS public schools on my current school list for their MD/JD program, so hopefully it'll be clear that I have a good reason for why I want to apply to them).
My question is: do you think I tanked my chances of getting into OOS schools? I was pretty crushed when I realized the mistake; I had even read the PSA thread warning about submitting too quickly, and I thought I was fine anyway, but alas.

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I don't think this is such a big error, your essay about why working in your own community was meaningful was sincere and to the point.

If you get into school somewhere else, you will also embrace that as your new community and do the same things there!
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Thanks so much for the feedback! The perspective helps me breathe a bit easier, for sure.

More opinions are welcome, if anyone else with knowledge of how this may be viewed wants to weigh in!