How 'peer-reviewed' do they expect answers to straight-forward questions to be?

Jun 27, 2009
Hey Everyone!

Ok, so I am working on a few of the mini-essays for secondaries right now. For U of Cinci, they ask
If you have graduated from college, please briefly describe your major activities since you received your college degree and your plans for this year.

and other schools have similar questions. I read some advice from Admissions Committees recently that said that a lot of promising applicants let them down in the few paragraphs they are asked to write for secondaries (compared to their personal statements which have likely been read over by many people, etc). However, how are you suppose to write a 'good' mini essay about something kind of straight-forward such as 'what you are doing next year'?

I originally posted this under the U of Cinci Secondary application thread but then thought I would post it here because it really applies to most schools.

Any ideas? :)

dr milky

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Apr 30, 2007
write in complete sentences, with correct spelling and a logical thought process. If it is a straight, to the point question, it wants a straight, to the point answer. You can tell which questions they want to see a little more polish on.


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Jan 1, 2007
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Brief, to the point, and full of salient information. Basically, a good essay. Lots of people write tons of fluff to look good. Notice the redundancy in this post? That's bad!