May 2, 2011
Hey everyone, I had a question about reusing practice tests and I'm not sure if anyone else has been in the same boat.

I am running through practice tests until my test date on May 31. My most recent test scores bounce between 30-35, usually falling around 32 to 33. Although these are scores I can be happy with, I really want to aim higher so I can improve my odds for acceptance.

I've taken Kaplan 1-5 and AAMC 3-5. The tests I have at my disposal are all the remaining AAMC's, Kaplan 6-10, and some TPR ones that I unlocked with a book. Additionally, I have the online Kaplan and TPR passages for each subject area. As you can see, I have more than enough practice tests than I can get through before the test date. Honestly, I would actually much rather take a bunch of passages every day as practice, but I don't have enough time to go through them and thoroughly analyze why I got them right/wrong.

I feel confident as of now and I have a good amount of time remaining to really tie up loose ends. However, I am trying to manage my risk and I don't want to blow all my good practice material at once (ie all of my AAMC tests) and end up having to retake the test again because I scored sub 30. What do you recommend I do to budget my practice tests and not burn up all the best ones in the event that I actually need to retake the exam?

Thanks in advance!


10+ Year Member
May 6, 2009
same issue im having. except im hitting 32's :( hope to hit higher on AAMC 8 im taking tomorrow. I feel like I barely have any AAMC material left, and am kind of reluctant to use kaplan because i get a score inflation in the sciences. I don't know if you feel the same way.
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