Medical How should I fill out AMCAS: Work/Activities?

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Sep 28, 2009
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Thank you for your time! I have a handful of general questions about the AMCAS and was wondering if you could shed light on the following:

1. Work/Activities: Should we be looking to strategize in entering the phone number vs. email of the contact person? i.e. If the person knows us well, enter in phone number, if they didn't have direct contact/connection, enter the email? Or does this not matter/make a difference? Does it look bad if we only list one or the other?

2. Work/Activities: Can multiple volunteer experiences be clumped together? I have a theme of volunteering with refugee organizations/young students. They were valuable experiences for me, though I don't have enough slots to add them as 3 separate experiences. My concern is to know if this is possible and if so, which contact person do I put down?

3. Work/Activities: If we worked at the same job from high school into college, do we count all the hours, or only the post-high school hours?

4. Work/Activities: Is it better to have multiple experiences under the same category, or should we categorize the activities with the understanding that highlighting the spread of the experiences is better?

5. Work/Activities: Can all publications go in one experience, or do they need to be separate? Since they are all different, who would be the contact person assigned in this slot?

Thank you so much!
1. I don't think this particularly matters. Just put a contact.
2. Yes, feel free to clump if you can write it out intelligently. If it's hard to clump, it's ok to leave something out.
3. I would count all hours unless the application instructions says to do otherwise.
4. I think it's best not to worry about this. Just list them on the application in the best category they fit in.
5. You can do it either way. I wouldn't worry about the contact too much. You can list yourself if need be, particularly since your application readers can easily verify your pubmeddable studies.

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1) Only one is required. You get to pick based on that person's preference (or what you have available).
2) The Contact for the first activity in the space goes in the header. The other two should be in the narrative space with that activity's description, dates, and subtotal of hours.
3) I suggest breaking down the activity into 2 timeframes (using the repeated feature for AMCAS) so that the HS hours and dates are in the first and the post-HS graduation hours are in the second. The dates and total hours for each will appear at the top of the activity box.
4) It depends on the activity tag and and whether you've already covered the essentials. Feel free to ask more specific questions.
5) They should all be in one space. The Contact can be the PI for the first citation in the space. The PubMedID# can be your contact-equivalents.
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