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May 10, 2016
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Hello there, I know this has been posted a million times on this board, but I am an international university graduate.. Any comment is appreciated :D

I graduated from University of Toronto with cGPA @ 3.74 and sGPA ~3.70.
I haven't written MCAT yet, and I am not too confident with CARS.. - that being said, I am working on it. I have been admitted in a thesis-based MSc at the University of Toronto and will stay here for 2 more years or so. - my residency therefore would not matter.

My ECs have been very focused on researches;
- 3 years of working as a research assistant in a neurophysiology laboratory. - did not yield publication however; 2 Mid-tier second authorship in work.
- 1 year of working as a Thesis student in a Genomics laboratory
- Summer research grants (2 awards) in a affiliated teaching hospital working on stem cells.

- My Master's degree researches will be on stem cells and critical care unit. - and I am interested in joining Critical Care as well..

- 1 year of Translation of educational videos
- 3 years of Hospital volunteering (Pharmacy and Physio and Occupational Therapy) - not too sure how many hours have been put in; but I was there 2-3 hours a week.

My LORs are strong - so I have heard from my admission committees; not too sure in detail.

I might take a gap year between my application and my Master's degree.

I have no shadowing experiences nor community volunteering from what I read on the forum.

Any comment is appreciated!
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