Medical How should I word alcohol IA?

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Sep 28, 2009
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I have an alcohol related IA; I was caught with alcohol on the premises of my dorm complex. I have seen the other posts on SDN but I'm still having some difficulty writing it out.

What I have is:

"In September 2018, during my junior year of college, my two roommates and I bought a pack of beers to celebrate my roommate's 21st birthday. While walking back to the dorms, we were found with the pack of beers by our resident assistant. I was investigated by my college for the following charges: 1. violation of the university’s no alcohol policy, and 2. general misconduct. After reviewing the circumstances, my college charged me for general misconduct.

I take full responsibility for possessing alcohol on campus, and I have no other other infractions. "

Any general advice would be appreciated, but I do have some specific questions.

Should I remove the circumstance from the essay? i.e. should I remove the fact that it was my roommate's 21st birthday, Is it even relevant that "...I bought a pack of beers" in opposed to just saying that we were found with a pack of beers.

Should I even mention my roomates? i.e. "I was found with a pack of beers", in opposed to "we were found with a pack of beers".

Should I be more remorseful?

Should I say something along the lines of:
"This does not in any way reflect who I am" ?

Thank you very much.

I think this is fine unless you're applying to Loma Linda, in which case they probably won't be thrilled that you drink. These alcohol violations are not a huge deal.

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