How specific should you be in secondary essays?

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Jun 2, 2019
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TL;DR is it okay to name which hospital or company you faced difficulties while working with

When discussing things like challenges or teamwork in a secondary app, should I avoid being too specific?

For example, would it be okay to say something along the lines of "while working at XYZ hospital..."? I am thinking about writing a challenge essay about the time I absorbed the work of 2 people when a fellow research assistant quit, after only being in my own job for a couple of months. However, despite my overcoming the insane work load on minimal training without any project-crippling mistakes happening on my watch, I am unsure about naming the hospital b/c I don't want the hospital/my PI looking irresponsible for dumping so much work on my lap (e.g. one of the projects was a pharmaceutical trial), even if that was admittedly kind of the case.

For a failure essay, I am considering discussing a time when I tried to organize a volunteering/leadership opportunity for sort of club I am a part of at a hospital. The opportunity would have been between a notable athletic gear company, my club, and the obesity program of my hospital's Nutrition department. The volunteering idea ended up falling apart for various reasons, but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to name the company we would have paired with/my hospital's program given the idea was technically a failure and these entities may not want to be associated with a failed attempt at a program?
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