How strictly do schools look at prereqs?


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Jul 10, 2008
I go to a pretty weird school...

We only offer 1 semester of bio lab and 1 semester of chem lab, but each of these semesters is as intense as 2 semesters would normally be. So when a school asks me if I have already fulfilled the pre-reqs, what should I say? Most of the schools I'm applying to know my undergrad pretty well, so hopefully they'll know about this.

Secondly, I only have 1 semester of physics lab, since I used AP credit to get credit for physics I, and I took physics II with lab here. I took an upper level physics class that didn't have lab, so I have my 1 year physics done, but only one semester of lab. The premed office at my school said to not worry about it since its not a huge deal and I can't do anything about it (I can't take physics I now even if I wanted to). My question is this: if a school asks on a secondary, "Have you taken all the prereqs for physics?" what should I say? And also, if I have not actually done all the prereqs, will they tell me so that maybe in the spring, I can take the lab at a CC or another univ nearby just to get it fulfilled? Or I could even TA the physics I lab class (it has been offered to me in the past).


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Jun 20, 2009
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IMO, taking an upper level physics class is more impressive than taking physics I, especially if you did well. And most med schools take AP credit. I really think you should be fine. And as long as you did all the gen chem and bio labs that were offered, that should fill the requirement. But I'm just another pre-med... If you're really worried call the schools you're thinking of applying to and see what they say. Most schools have open office hours when you can walk-in/call and ask questions about the admissions process. Good luck!
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